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About HHH and how it works in 9 easy steps! 

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  • Rent your property with peace of mind knowing someone from your community that you vetted is staying in your home.

HHH removes any tricky negotiating of commission percentages, because HHH allows you to work within your trusted social and professional networks. You can have peace of mind knowing that not only do your guests know you, but they are part of a community spending time in your loved property who have a similar mindset and standards that you personally approve of. On HHH, private groups list properties for free and can rent within communities at reasonable prices to create affordable home-based holiday getaways nearby or globally. Imagine renting your ski chalet, villa, or apartment to your colleague in another region in the same country, or a member of your private network from elsewhere in the world renting their beach house or mountain cabin to you. Everyone gets to create fabulous getaways on Home Holiday Hub! Start the affordable home-based vacation revolution within trusted communities

Featured property

Rue du lac 39, 1815 Clarens, Switzerland

Rare property, ideally  in fully renovated building located by the lake, on the 2nd floor, with direct access to the lake and close to all amenities.   IT HAS SPECTACULAR VIEWS OF THE LAKE AND ALPS. The apartment is located  in the centre of Clarens, 2 minutes walk from shops and all amenities.